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A Nigerian visual artist, art director, and a surrealism lover. Fred Martins was born in 1988 with a given name ‘Ekele’, raised in his hometown Aggah-Egbema. He is a self-taught graphic artist who uses his art to make a political statement, bringing attention to issues relating to humans, animals and nature. Had his first prints in 2004. His works have been described as “visually compelling and meaningful all at once” He is credited for creating several notable works, including campaign artworks published by the United Nations during their Global Goals campaign 2015, and different magazines. Known for his Afro-comb art series “Orange, Black And Freedom”, and have appeared on The Guardian, CNN, BBC, Design Indaba and OkayAfrica.
Fred holds a Doctor of Medicine degree from the Lviv national medical university, and talks about life and creativity in TEDx and other well-ordered meetings.since the 1500s.


Artist celebrates freedom activists through Afro comb

t's a well recognized image. Today's modern hand-fisted Afro comb. One artist has used its symbol to celebrate black activists jailed fighting for freedom, fairness and social justice.

This Nigerian Visual Artist’s Latest Series Confronts Africa's Child Lynching Problem

Fred Martins’ new works present the plights of the child bride, child laborer and child soldier, while confronting issues such as clean water sanitation and “necklacing.”

Black History Month: Honouring past heroes

Nigerian artist Fred Martins has created a new series using symbols of butterflies and fists to represent soul and power in Black History Month. The butterfly in these images, Nigerian artist Fred Martins explains, symbolises life or the soul in many cultures: "I grant that it expresses hope, change and freedom". The fist, on the other hand, represents power, bravery and unity.

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Let it all be animal, my life and death, hard and clean like that, anything but human... a lot I care, me with my red heart in the dark earth and my tattooed feet following the animal ways.

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